Can I Hire Someone To Ship My Car From My Garage?

3If you wish to relocate your vehicle to another state, country or even across the oceans, you can hire companies that can do it for you. There are only a few easy steps to take in order to transport your car or other type of vehicle to a desired location.

First step is to do a bit of research and find a few appealable companies that deal with this field. If not all, most of the haulage organizations have their own websites. Additionally, there are a number of online agencies which make it easier for you to find the suitable organization.

Once you open them up, it is time to give your attention to a few vital elements before making your final decision. Firstly, look out for their reputation; see if there are people who are satisfied or unsatisfied with their services. This also speaks about their quality of work.

Secondly, look at their price and compare it to others. You don’t want to end up saying ship my car to the first company that you encounter and later find out that somebody else could have done the same job for 10 times less.

Thirdly, find out about their punctuality. Sometimes the carrier companies promise good work and cost low but when the deal comes to an end, a few extra days may pass by before you see your car again.

Who will ship my car?

Once you’ve chosen your way through many, it is time to do some paperwork. This includes Shipper Export Declaration, insurance and other paperwork. In majority of cases, paperwork needs to be notarized. The company is supposed to provide you with copies of form that you need to fill out.

The insurance is vital as accidents do happen during these transportations. Therefore you will need a guarantee that if something goes wrong, you can be sure to retrain it back. Once you have paid your fees and taxes and had your paperwork done you may proceed.

At this point you may take your vehicle to the terminal to progress it for the departure. If you are too busy, most of the international car shipping companies provide a service which, for an extra fee, lets you sit back while a member of the company picks up your car from your garage and takes it to the terminal.

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