Top 3 Ways To Ship Your Car!

5There are many reasons for which you may have to suddenly take the decision of transporting your car from one place to another. You may have wondered about how to ship a car a lot of times before, but the truth is that it need not be a problem at all. The answers to the question of “how to ship my car” are actually quite straight forward and simple.

Apart from the modes of shipping your car, another thing that worries most people is how much it would cost. The answer to this query can vary. The type of your vehicle will be one of the determining factors of the cost of transportation. When the distance is small then you will surely feel like driving your car to the destination but when the journey is long then it becomes difficult for you to decide how to ship the car yourself. 

The ways of shipping your car:

There are quite a few options for transporting your car. You may to select one of them depending on your budget and the type of vehicle. Below given are some of these options:

  • The Open-Air Truck: The Open-Air truck is the most commonly used medium for transporting vehicles across the country. The Open-air trucks used for transporting new cars are also used by the auto shipping companies for the transfer of consumer vehicles. They place the vehicles on the trailers for moving them. You can get competitive rates from auto transporting companies for shipping your vehicles. Before selecting a particular dealer you should talk to them thoroughly regarding the cost, delivery time and if there will be a stop-over etc.
  • Enclosed Truck: If the effect of weather on your car and exposure to dirt is bothering you, then you should opt for the enclosed truck. The enclosed trucks charge more than 60% extra but the security is much higher as well. Before giving the contract of transporting your car to some auto transporter, you should first enquire about the insurance policy they provide along with the contract. Enclosed vehicles will disperse the worry about unintended damages and accidents.
  • Cargo Container: For shipping your vehicle oversees the best mode of transport is the cargo container. Generally, the cargo containers are approximately 20 to 40 feet tall but for bigger vehicles different types of cargo containers are available too.

With the help of this information you can easily make an estimate of the shipping cost and your worry of “how to ship my car” need not bother you anymore.

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